Fitbark Review

I love the Fitbark — it’s really a great product! It’s an activity monitor for dogs – kind of a doggie equivalent of the Fitbit for humans. It’s a very small and light device that you can attach to your dog’s collar. My dog, who weighs a bit under 60 pounds, doesn’t seem to notice it at all. But I’m not sure whether a really tiny dog would feel weighed down by it. My guess is no though. It comes with a few bands which you can use to attach the device onto your dog’s collar.

After that, you keep the device on there most of the time, unless you are charging it. So the device moves everywhere with your dog, and can keep tabs on your dog’s play minutes, active minutes, and resting minutes. It even comes up with a sleep score, which provides an indication of how well your pet has been sleeping.

The mobile app that is used with the Fitbark is awesome. I believe there is an Android version as well, but I use the iPhone one. You can visually see exactly when and how active your dog has been, hour by hour. It’s really quite cool.

One thing I will mention is that the Fitbark communicates with your phone using BlueTooth. So your phone actually has to be in the vicinity of your dog in order to update the stats on the app. There is a wifi base station that you can buy separately to get around this. You can learn more about the wifi base station┬áto find out if you need one of these. I don’t have one, and that works just fine for me. But then again, I work from home, so I am near my dog most of the time, so I can just use my phone to get her updated stats pretty much any time I want.

If you want to get your dog healthier and trimmer, consider getting the Fitbark. I think it’s quite worth it! For more information, you can read this more detailed review of the Fitbark dog activity monitor.