Cutting-Edge Dog Products | Dog Cameras & Activity Monitors

It’s an exciting time for all of us dog lovers. There are so many new hi-tech dog products on the market – it’s really awesome.

We are going to try to review as many of these as possible from time to time, although we doubt we can keep pace with the onslaught of new products hitting the shelves.

One category that’s really interesting is that of pet cameras. The idea is that when owners are away, they miss their pets – duh! Sometimes owners are just curious about what their pets do when they are alone at home. At other times, they may be worried for some reason, like when their pets are sick or something. In any case, the concept of pet cameras allows the owners to call their pet so that they can can see their pet and make sure that he or she is doing well. In many of these, it is possible to engage the dogs in some way, with treats or lasers, to say nothing of the owner’s voice, so that the dog responds to and comes towards the device. Here is a nice article comparing the best dog cameras on the market.

The other big area being inundated with pet products is, believe it or not, the fitness market. People have become increasingly health aware, and now this awareness is moving on to pets as well. People want to make sure that, in addition to themselves and their human family members, their dogs are also as healthy as possible. So many devices and apps have emerged to address this need. We have written a more detailed review, about our personal favorite – the Fitbark.

The Best Places To Shop For Dog Beds

dog-bedsNowadays there are a lot of shops you could choose to buy your dog beds for your pets. Online stores selling pet beds are on abundant on the internet. Of course, like with any transactions on the internet, you should watch out for potential pitfalls. Basically you should look for stores that offer the best customer service and provide a quality product at the best possible price. Consider the price of the item also and the delivery of the product.  Here are some suggestions for places where you can buy your dog beds:


At Petsmart there are lots of beds to select from. We also like that they have a charity aspect with PetSmart Charities and The Adopt Spot.  Aside from this, great discounts are given almost every day for various products. Their beds are fairly standard, but the selection is fairly decent. You can also walk into a physical store to check the beds out before you buy one.

This site really offers something unique in terms of dog beds – you can get a totally personalized bed for your dog, with your dog’s photo on it. Now that’s cool! seems quite dedicated to providing best services for your pet owners. The headquarter is located in Dania Beach, Florida and they ship the newest and highest quality products quickly. Their customer service guys are awesome and ready to serve efficiently to help valued customers.





Your Precious Pooch

You love your dog. You play with your dog and pamper your dog and adore him or her. Maybe you pamper your do so much that friends cannot understand it. But you know how special your dog is. And you want to do your very best to take good care of him or her. You want to make sure that your dog is well-rested. And one of the ways to make sure of that is to get a great bed for your dog.